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2014-2015 Season Dates






13-20 Sept
Mats  14, 16, 18,20
MH Lord of the Flies Ian Moule Completed
20-27 Sept Studio My Boy Jack Daniele Harford Completed
21-22 Sept Studio Going Down of The Sun Gary Spruce
Charles Fulford
4-11 October Studio Steel Magnolias Helen Hotchkiss Completed
Tues 8 – 15 Nov MH King Lear Karen Leadbeter Completed
22-29 Nov Studio The Judas Kiss Stewart Snape Completed
6-20 Dec
MH The Witches Barry Dudley Completed
14-16 Dec MH Wassail Gary Spruce
Roger Cunningham
17-24 January Studio Taking Sides Alan Marshall Completed
31 Jan-7 Feb Studio The Deep Blue Sea Colin Judges Completed
28 Feb-14 Mar Studio The Tempest Liz Plumpton Completed
14-21 March MH One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest Jo Thackwray Completed
25-28 March Studio Alice – CYT James Knapp NA
11-18 April Studio Bouncers/Shakers Hugh Blackwood
Dewi Johnson
In rehearsal
9-16 May Studio The Long Road Jaz Davison In rehearsal
30 May-6 June MH Parade Daniele Harford
Gary Spruce
In rehearsal
13-20 June Studio Sexual Perversity in Chicago Liam Tombs Auditions April
4-11 July Studio Cyrano de Bergerac TBC Auditions April
Tour Various Cyrano de Bergerac    



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