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2014-2015 Season Dates






13-20 Sept
Mats  14, 16, 18,20
MH Lord of the Flies Ian Moule In Rehearsal
20-27 Sept Studio My Boy Jack Daniele Harford In Rehearsal
21-22 Sept Studio Going Down of Sun Gary Spruce
Charles Fulford
In Rehearsal
4-11 October Studio Steel Magnolias Helen Hotchkiss Auditions
Tues 8 – 15 Nov MH King Lear Karen Leadbeter Auditions
22-29 Nov Studio The Judas Kiss Stewart Snape Auditions Sept
6-20 Dec
MH The Witches Barry Dudley Auditions Sept
14-16 Dec MH Wassail Gary Spruce
Roger Cunningham
Auditions Sept
17-24 January Studio Taking Sides Alan Marshall Auditions Nov
31 Jan-7 Feb Studio The Deep Blue Sea Colin Judges Auditions Nov
28 Feb-14 Mar Studio The Tempest Liz Plumpton Auditions Dec
14-21 March MH One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest Jo Thackwray Auditions Dec
25-28 March Studio Alice – CYT James Knapp NA
11-18 April Studio Bouncers/Shakers Hugh Blackwood
Dewi Johnson
Auditions Feb
9-16 May Studio The Long Road Jaz Davison Auditions Feb
30 May-6 June MH Musical TBC TBC Auditions Jan
13-20 June Studio Sexual Perversity in Chicago Liam Tombs Auditions April
4-11 July Studio Cyrano de Bergerac TBC Auditions April
Tour Various Cyrano de Bergerac    

2013-2014 season dates

Date Location Title of  Play Author Director Status Male roles Female
7th Sept-14th Sept Main House The History Boys Alan Bennett Ian Moule Completed 12 1
21st - 28th Sept Studio Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf Edward Albee Colin Judges Completed 2 2
5th-12th Oct Studio Constant Wife Somerset Maugham Jaz Davison Completed 3 3
5th - 16th Nov Main House Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare Kate Owen Completed 13 3
23rd Nov-30th Nov 15-18 Jan Studio Shining City Conor Mcpherson Stewart Snape Completed 3 3
7th Dec-21st Dec Main House Fantastic Mr Fox David Wood Barry Dudley Completed    
Dec various dates (see What's On) Various Wassail   Amelia Swift & Craig Deeley - MD Gary Spruce Completed - -
14th Dec-21st Dec Studio Two Weeks With the Queen Mary Morris Alan K. Marshall Completed 4 2
25th Jan-1st Feb 2014 Studio Dealers Choice Patrick Marber Andrew Smith Completed 3 3
1st March - 8th March Studio Serjeant Musgrave's Dance John Arden Colin Simmonds Completed 13 2
15th March-22nd March Main House An Inspector Calls J B Priestly Sheila Carradine Completed 4 3
20th March-22nd March Studio Crescent Youth Theatre -'A Midsummer Night's Dream' James David Knapp James Knapp      
12th April-19th April Studio
New Directors'
Black Comedy Pete Schaffer Nick Shelton Completed 5 3
The Real Inspector Hound Tom Stoppard Helen Hotchkiss Completed 7 3
3rd - 10th May Studio The Dispute Pierre de Marivaux Andrew Cowie Completed    
31st May-7th June Main House Musical - Crazy for You Gershwin Keith Harris, MD Gary Spruce Completed    
14th June-21st June Studio The House of Bernada Alba Lorca Alan K Marshall Completed 0 18
19th July-26th July Studio Silly Cow Ben Elton Paula Wall In performance 3 2
Summer Tour Various My Boy Jack David Haig Daniele Harford

In performance

9 3

Brief details of the productions:

7th September-14th September: The History Boys (Alan Bennett),  Main House. Director: Ian Moule

Set in the fictional Cutlers' Grammar School Sheffield in the 1980s the play follows a group of history pupils preparing for their Oxford and Cambridge entrance exams under the eccentric guidance of Douglas Hector who delights in knowledge for its own sake.   Sadly the headmaster is more concerned with the school moving up the academic league tables.
The award winning and hugely successful play for which we have been waiting two years.

21st September-28th September: Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf (Edward Albee), Studio. Director: TBC

Martha and George wage war against each other and their young house party guests in a series of vicious no holds barred "games" in which fact and fiction become blurred.   A savage exploration of facade and reality.

5th October-12th October: The Constant Wife (Somerset Maugham), Studio.  Director: Jaz Davison

Constance is calm, intelligent and self-possessed.    Her husband, a successful London doctor is having an affair with her best friend.   Her friends know about it.   Her mother knows about it. Her sister knows about it.   What they have failed to understand is that Constance knows about it, too, and is ready to put things right in her own very special way.

5th - 16th Nov: Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare), Main House. Director: Kate Owen

Two warring families.   Two young people deeply in love.   Can their love survive the bitter hatred and macho belief that only violence and the sword can put things right?   We all know the answer, but what a journey!

23rd November-30th November:  Shining City (Colm Mcpherson), Studio.  Director:   Stewart Snape

In Dublin a widower visits a therapist.    He is afraid to return to his home because he has seen the ghost of his dead wife there.  The play deals with how both men struggle to understand what's happening in their lives and the sense of guilt that they carry, and it's not until the last thirty seconds of the play that you realise that…

7th December-21st December:  Fantastic Mr Fox (David Wood), Main House. Director:   Barry Dudley

Roald Dahl's much loved fantasy about the struggles of the eponymous hero to provide for his family and defend them from the murderous attempts of farmers, Bunce, Boggis and Bean and their vile plans to get the foxes off their land. Wonderful entertainment for younger children and their parents.  The book is brought brilliantly to life by David Wood.

15th December-17th December:  The Wassail, Main House. Music Director: Gary Spruce;  Director:   TBD

That hugely popular festive treat.   A perfect cocktail of words and music and every year a phenomenally successful crowd puller. Auditions Sept.

14th December-21st December:  Two Weeks with the Queen (Mary Morris), Studio. Director:   Alan K Marshall

Colin and his family sit down to Christmas dinner in Australia when Colin's younger brother collapses and is later diagnosed with terminal cancer.   Colin is shipped off to England where he decides that the only person who can come up with a cure is the Queen's physician.  But his attempts to get that cure lead him in some unexpected directions with some very unexpected company. A story about never giving up and being prepared to do anything to help.

25th January-1st February: Dealers Choice by Patrick Marber - director Andrew Smith

1st March- 8th March: Serjeant Musgrave's Dance (John Arden), Studio. Director:   Colin Simmonds

The classic of the 60s that is ripe for revival. 1879 and an unspecified Northern coal mining community is in the grips of a strike.   A group of deserters from the British army arrive, their mission to avenge the deaths of five innocent people. But their actions are as brutal as those that they are rebelling against.  A dark, powerful play that givesg wonderful acting opportunities to its cast.

15th March-22nd March: An Inspector Calls by J B Priestly. Studio

20th-22nd March:    Crescent Youth Theatre,  Studio The Dream By James David Knapp

Adapted from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by William Shakespeare.

12th April-19th April:   New Directors Productions, Studio  

(1) Black Comedy (Peter Schaffer)  Director: TBD

What happens when the lights go out?   This hilarious comedy tries to show the answers when a short circuit blows out the lights in a desirable apartment block where the residents are up to all sorts of ill advised activities.   Immense fun

(2) The Real Inspector Hound  (Tom Stoppard)   Director TBD

A play within a play..   Two theatre critics, watching an Agatha Christie type country house murder mystery find themselves caught up in the plot.   A mix of absurdist theatre, farce, parody and satire.

3rd May - 10th May: The Dispute (Pierre du Marivaux), Studio.  Director: Andrew Cowie

31st May-7th June:   Crazy For You (Gershwin), Main House.  Director: Keith Harris, MD Gary Spruce

14th June-21st June:  The House of Bernarda Alba (Lorca), Studio. Director TBD

Lorca's last play centres on the events in a house in Andalusia during a period of mourning in which Bernarda Alba wields total control over her five daughters.   Men are forbidden to enter the house and this with the isolation of the women builds the heightened sexual tension that is present throughout the play to devastating effect.

19th-26th July:  Silly Cow  (Ben Elton), Studio.  Director: Paula Wall

Ben Elton's second play is described as being a "comic revenge tragedy" Tackling  the slick and savage world of the tabloid press it deals with the undoing of a viciously amoral columnist who is capable of doing anything to further her career.  Until, that is, one of her victims decides it is time to cut her down to size.
A wickedly observed and brilliantly funny play.

Summer Tour: My Boy Jack (David Haig). Director:   TBD

The story of the death of John Kipling, son of Rudyard, in the trenches during World War 1.   Covering a period of twenty years it reflects on the family's attempts to come to terms with their loss and reflects the situation in which a rising number of contemporary families find themselves today and acts as a commemoration of the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

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