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Music by Jason Robert Brown. Book by Alfred Uhry

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Performance Dates: 23rd-30th of May 2015

Rehearsal Dates:   Monday, Thursday and Sunday afternoon rehearsals starting at the end of January

Audition Process:

First Round: Sunday 11th January 2.00 (Familiarisation) and Monday 12th January 7.00

The first round will focus on singing ability. Whilst we are looking for some strong voices we will also consider those who are excellent character actors.

Please prepare a song which shows your singing skills to best advantage. Ideally the song should be from Parade or be a song in a similar style e.g. a song by Stephen Sondheim. Many of the songs from Parade have a strong narrative element so we would particularly welcome songs which demonstrate your ability to 'tell a story'.

Call Backs: Friday 16th January 7.00 pm

This will be the time at which we ask actors to read sections of the play and take part in some improvisation and physical theatre.

About the Play

Parade is a Tony Award winning musical set in the American deep South in the early part of the last century (1914). The musical dramatizes the murder of a thirteen year old girl and the ensuing witch hunt that leads to the arrest and trial of the Jewish factory manager, Leo Frank. 

With a soaring score, a range of challenging and emotionally demanding roles and the intimacy created by performing in the studio, this promises to be a powerful and intense production.

We are aiming to have a small and multi-talented ensemble cast, capable of taking on different roles and contributing to the physical and ensemble work necessary.  Below are some possible part combinations but these may change depending on who auditions.

Potential Roles

Leo Frank (30-45) shy, studious, socially awkward, honest and clever. A  Jew from New York who has married into the deep South and feels out of place.  (SOLO)

Lucille Frank (30-45) plain, clever,  and contained with a sense of inner steel.  No one expected her to marry so well but she can't find a way to connect to her husband. (SOLO)
Mary Phagan (16-20) sparky, energetic and sassy 14 year old. (SOLO)

Frankie Epps/Young Solider/Guard (16-25)  Suitor to Mary who leads at the funeral and is determined to track down the killer.  Strong solo vocalist required with immense story telling abilities. (SOLO)

Hugh Dorsey (25-45) Prosecuting and power hungry district attorney with immense natural eloquence and an ability  to make people do as he wishes.  (SOLO)

Governor Slaton/ Britt Craig/Mr Peavy – (30-60) Slaton is the overseeing governor who in the end does the moral thing against all political pressure. Craig is the local reporter, a real hack and door-stepper who creates and fuels the panic and the witch hunt.  (SOLO)

Tom Watson/Officer Starnes (20-60) – Tom Watson is the slightly psychotic religious obsessive who believes that Leo Frank is evil because of his Judaism and pushes people towards revenge. (SOLO)

Old Solider/Judge Roan (45-75) – The Old Solider is the throw back to the civil war with a beautiful solo at the start of the play (SOLO). Judge Roan sits in judgement throughout the trial.

Minnie McKnight/Angela (20-50) – The African American servant of the Franks who turns on them in the trial. Angela is a feistier voice of the black movement (SOLO)

Mrs Phagan/Sally Slaton (30-60) – Poor widow and mother to Mary Phagan (SOLO) and wife to the governor.

Newt Lee (30-60) – The African American night watchman who discovers Mary; framed originally for the murder. (SOLO)

Jim Conley/Riley  (25-45) The African American chain gang worker who testifies against Leo and frames him for the murder in order to avoid more years on the chain Gang. Riley = beginnings of fighting for civil rights (SOLO)

Iola Stoler (16-20) – best friend of Mary Phagan (SOLO)

Essie (16-20) – best friend of Mary Phagan and factory worker (SOLO)

Officer Ivey/Luther Rosser/Guard (22-50)– Leo's lawyer; mildly anti-Semitic but comes round.

Should you have any queries or need further information please contact Daniele (Director) or if is about the singing audition please contact Gary (Musical Director) .

Please Note

While auditions are intended for members, non-members are welcome to attend on the understanding that, if successful in reading for a part, you would be expected to become a member of the theatre.  This entitles you to take part in all theatre activities and to concessionary ticket prices.  In return you will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances and to undertake your required allocation of front of house duties.  Your membership subscription must be paid by the end of the second rehearsal.  Membership fees for a year are £60 (£30 if unwaged).  More details on Crescent Membership can be found in the membership pages.

The Familiarisation Reading is not an audition but an opportunity to find out more about the play, the characters and the director's ideas for the production.  If you are unfamiliar with the play, try to come to this to see if you would be interested in reading for a part at the audition.

Unless stated otherwise, the venue for all readings and auditions is The Crescent Theatre.

Directors: If you wish to submit items for inclusion on this page please e-mail them to  Please make sure that you have arranged all room bookings before submission and indicate that you are happy to have e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers included on the web page.

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