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Crescent Double-Bill: "Bouncers" and "Shakers",

both written by John Godber

Performance Dates: Saturday 11th to Saturday 18th April 2015 in the Studio at 7.45pm
Matinees: Sunday 12 & Saturday 18 at 2.45pm

Audition Dates

Bouncers: Sunday 1st February 2015, 2pm, Green Room
Shakers: Sunday 1st February 2015, 4pm, Green Room
Bouncers: Tuesday 3rd February 2015, 7.30pm, Green Room
Shakers: Thursday 5th February 2015, 7.30pm, Committee Room

Possible call backs for both shows: Friday 6th February 2015, Green Room


Godber is a master of social observation, invoking whole lifestyles with a few lines of dialogue. Although often hilariously funny, the plays explore some of the darker corners of modern nightlife and lifestyles. Both plays are fast-paced four-handers, which entertain and challenge both audience and actors. They rely on versatile actors with great presence and imagination, a flair for physical theatre, for comedy, and an ability to create a range of believable characters in rapid succession, with minimal props, costume or set. So, lots of opportunity for the actors to play around and let their imaginations run riot!

The actors remain on stage for the entire performance of their production, usually in quick-fire exchanges with their fellow performers, so we will be looking to assemble casts whose members enjoy working together and can build a good rapport. Both plays are ensemble pieces, with each actor playing equally featured roles. The plays will be performed on the same night and will occupy the same time period (2015), place (Birmingham City Centre) and the same universe...


Bouncers was first performed in 1983 by the Hull Truck Theatre Company, and has undergone a number of iterations since. It is bursting with imagination, wit and furious pace. The four actors' 'main' characters are nightclub bouncers, but they portray over twenty different characters in rapid succession, all carefully observed but ultimately fast, slick and funny! The play presents the funny and serious sides of a night on the town – from girls with attitude to lads on the pull, preparing for the big night, from the pub to the dance floor and other points between.


The four characters (Lucky Eric, Judd, Ralph and Les) are broadly similar. Playing ages 20s to 40s, but will depend as much on the rapport between the actors. Ideally, I would like to cast actors who can be convincing as bouncers (in looks and/or behaviour). The play will be set 2015 Birmingham City Centre in the same universe as Shakers.

Eric gets the lion's share of the dialogue, as he has a number monologues interspersed throughout the play. He is possibly slightly older than the other actors. He and Judd tend to spark off each other.

Judd is a bit more aggressive than the others, and baits Eric when he can.

Ralph tends to engage mouth before speaking.

Les is probably more interested in meeting the clientele than barring them.

Leaving aside these named parts, all the actors need to be able to portray multiple characters convincingly. Overall, I want four actors who can bounce (pun intend) off each other, be willing to improvise in the crafting of the show and will enjoy the challenge of creating these roles - and the others!  There will be some dancing - but this will be minimal!

For the production, I'm using an edited and updated version of the script. For the auditions, I will be concentrating on using the first time we meet the 'girls' and 'the boys', as they separately get ready to go out for the evening (see Audition Piece One) and Lucky Eric's Third Speech (see Audition Piece Two).

Hugh - Director


Shakers was co-authored by Godber and his eventual wife, Jane Thornton, and premiered in 1984. Another Hull Truck Theatre Company creation, it has also undergone a rewrite ('restirred'). Although crafted in the same style as its predecessor Bouncers, it was, as Godber puts it: "…a deliberate attempt to draw the characters…with more detail, that perhaps results in the pace being more realistic and much less nightmarish than its model…Shakers is as much an exercise for actresses as Bouncers, asking for precision in role playing and definition in characterisation".

Shakers explores the social, emotional and prejudicial interactions between women, their girlfriends, their coworkers, and men. It is a wry and often wickedly funny play for four actors who step in and out of their core characters (cocktail waitresses with problems of their own), to show us their typical clientele – excited girls out to party, business men behaving badly, and lads and lasses on the pull. Shakers is an explosion of wit, imagination, and scintillating pace, and is a skilfully observed and often very funny commentary on nightlife in the UK.


The playing age is 20s to 30s, but rapport between the actors is as important. A minor ability to sing will be required. The play will be set 2015 Birmingham City Centre in the same universe as Bouncers.

Adele - a single Mum, aching for a better life, but needs to make ends meet. She and Mel do not see eye to eye.

Carol - a graduate with aspirations which haven't panned out – yet!

Mel - possibly a little older, worked in a pub before Shakers, quite likes working in a cocktail bar. Mel also plays a Scottish chef during the play.

Nicky – maybe a bit of peacemaker amongst the girls, she has aspirations to be a performer.

I'm looking for four actors ready to take on this challenging piece who work well together and aren't afraid of taking risks.

For the first round of auditions I'm asking people to bring a pre -prepared monologue from any play. Bring something that you feel shows off your abilities as a performer. If asked to attend a recall audition you will be asked to read from sections of the play. In the recall audition you will also be asked to present a song to sing as the piece will contain a musical number. We will be looking for actors who can not only sing but perform through song.

Dewi - Director

For any more details about the respective production, please contact:

For Bouncers: Hugh Blackwood (
For Shakers: Dewi Johnson (

The Long Road

by Shelagh Stephenson

"... When eighteen year old Danny is fatally stabbed in a random attack his family struggles to find meaning and forgiveness. His mother's determination to understand the atrocity brings her face to face with his killer and forces the family to confront the bitter senselessness of their loss..."


Joe [20]
Mary [fifties]
John [fifties]
Emma Price [18]
Elizabeth [late 20's/mid to late 30's]
Danny [always 18, a ghost]

Auditions will be held Saturday, 7th March from 11.0am - 1.00pm and Tuesday, 10th March from 7:30pm -10:00pm in the Committee Room/Bar area.  A short familiarisation will be given prior to both auditions.

Please read the play prior to auditions, copies can be made available.

The show runs from 9th May through 16th May in the Studio.

When reading the script, please note that Danny is only referred to, it will be a non-speaking role as I am adding it in to the production.  Much will be improvised.

Any questions, please email me at

Thanx! Look forward to seeing you!

Please Note

While auditions are intended for members, non-members are welcome to attend on the understanding that, if successful in reading for a part, you would be expected to become a member of the theatre.  This entitles you to take part in all theatre activities and to concessionary ticket prices.  In return you will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances and to undertake your required allocation of front of house duties.  Your membership subscription must be paid by the end of the second rehearsal.  Membership fees for a year are £60 (£30 if unwaged).  More details on Crescent Membership can be found in the membership pages.

The Familiarisation Reading is not an audition but an opportunity to find out more about the play, the characters and the director's ideas for the production.  If you are unfamiliar with the play, try to come to this to see if you would be interested in reading for a part at the audition.

Unless stated otherwise, the venue for all readings and auditions is The Crescent Theatre.

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