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Non-members are welcome but please read the note at the bottom of this page.

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Twelfth Night


Sunday 9th August at 10.30am in the Bar
and Monday 10th August at 7.30pm in the Committee Room

Characters and playing ages

ORSINO – Duke of Illyria – sick with love for Olivia – mid/late twenties
VALENTINE – Attendant to Orsino – any age over twenty
CURIO - Attendant to Orsino – any age over twenty

CAPTAIN OF A WRECKED SHIP – Mid-twenties to sixties
ANTONIO – Captain of a fishing boat/pirate – thirties/forties
VIOLA – Shipwrecked identical twin sister of Sebastian later disguised as Caesario – early/mid-twenties
SEBASTIAN - Shipwrecked identical twin brother of Viola – early/mid-twenties

OLIVIA – a Countess – in mourning for her brother and father – mid/late twenties
MARIA – Housekeeper to Olivia – in love with Toby Belch – mid-twenties to forties
SIR TOBY BELCH – reprobate uncle of Olivia – in love with ale and good times – fifties/sixties
SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK – Sir Toby's protégé and unlikely suitor to Olivia – either twenties or over sixty
MALVOLIO – Olivia's steward, a jobsworth in love with himself – forties/fifties
FABIAN – a member of Olivia's household – late twenties to forties
FESTE – a comic, member of Olivia's household – must be able to sing and ideally play a stringed instrument – late twenties to fifties

FIRST OFFICER – 'policeman', also customs officer – mid-twenties to sixties (must be able to improvise!)
SECOND OFFICER – 'policeman', also customs officer – mid-twenties to sixties (must be able to improvise!)
PRIEST – thirties upwards
SERVANT – any age

Assorted non-speaking lords, sailors, attendants

Most people probably know the plot of 'Twelfth Night' but for anyone who does not, it is complicated!

Orsino, Duke of Illyria is sick with love for the countess Olivia but, being in mourning for her father and brother who have recently died, she has decided to have nothing to do with men. The identical twins Viola and Sebastian have been separated in a shipwreck and both believe the other has been drowned but in fact both are saved and end up in Illyria. Viola decides that for safety she will dress as a boy, call herself Caesario and become a servant in Orsino's court. Orsino sends 'Caesario' to act as messenger to Olivia to persuade her of his love. Meanwhile Maria, Olivia's housekeeper, tries unsuccessfully to keep Olivia's kinsman, the wayward Sir Toby Belch, on the straight and narrow. Toby's friend, the rather dim but wealthy Sir Andrew Aguecheek also has hopes of wooing Olivia. Toby, Andrew and Feste, Olivia's jester, upset her steward, the humourless 'jobsworth' Malvolio by drunkenly singing in the early hour and when he severely reprimands them they plot revenge. Cases of mistaken identity, attempts at amorous liaisons, appropriate and inappropriate, result in one of Shakespeare's funniest comedies.

The production will be in modern dress and runs from 14th till 28th November

If you are unable to attend on either of the above days please get in touch as soon as possible on 0121 778 1548 (home) 07902 217 720 (mobile) or e-mail 

Colin Judges

Great Expectations

My name is Alan Marshall and I am directing "Great Expectations", my favourite Dickens' novel. I hope that you will find the following information helpful.

Audition dates:   Sunday 16th August  (2.00pm) and Tuesday 18th August (7.00pm)
Call Backs:        Sunday 23rd August  (2.00pm)

Performance dates:     Evening performances at 7.15pm from Saturday 31st October to Saturday 7th November (Matinees at 2.15pm  Sunday 1st November and Saturday 7th November).   There is no performance on Monday 2nd November. 

The Adaptation

This adaptation of "Great Expectations' by Nick Ormerod and Declan Donnellan was first performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in association with Cheek by Jowl on November 25th 2005.

It is a fluid, fast paced adaptation that moves rapidly from location to location in a manner more encountered in a film or television script.

Using Dickens's own words the play keeps very closely to the novel with the narrative burden being shared equally between the principal characters and the very important Chorus who are treated just as they would have been in Greek times, commenting, questioning and advancing the story line.  At present I am considering that only Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham will be excluded from the Chorus, All other named parts will step out from the Chorus for their scenes.

The Characters:

*Pip - the protagonist, it is his story, his journey over a period of about eight years.   (20 years of age)

Young Pip - orphaned and living with his sister (12 years of age)

*Mrs. Joe - Pip's older sister, stern, overbearing, devoid of affection

*Magwitch - the convict and secret source of Pip's expectation

*Joe Gargery - amiable, patient and noble spirited, the village blacksmith and Pip's brother-in-law

Pumblechook - Pip's bumptious uncle, pompous and opiionated

Mr Wopsle - the church clerk, later to become an actor in London   
+ Orlick- works for Joe, but is idle and oafish.   Thoroughly bad natured, it is he who injures Mrs. Joe by beating her with a metal bar.   Later attempts to murder Pip.

Mr. Hubble - friend of the Gargery family, a wheelwright
Bentley Drummle - unpleasant young man, member of the minor aristocracy, oafish, cruel to everyone around him.   Marries Estella

Compeyson - Criminal and former partner of Magwitch, educated and gentlemanly, a professional fraudster, the man who jilted Miss Havisham on her wedding day

*Biddy - kind hearted country girl, a friend of Pip from school days who cares for the invalided Mrs Joe and finally marries Joe

Young Estella - Miss Havisham's beautiful young ward, cold and heartless even as a child ( age12 years )

*Estella - the focus of Pip's love which is not returned.   Trained to be Miss Havisham's instrument of revenge on all men, ( age 20 years )

*Miss Havisham - wealthy, eccentric bordering on insane, she dwells in Satis House dressed in her wedding attire in a room regaled for her wedding with all the clocks stopped at the time she was jilted.   Pip believes her to be the source of his improved expectations

Young Herbert Pocket - meets Pip in the courtyard of Satis House where he challenges him to a fight and receives a good hiding in return.  ( age 12 Years )

*Herbert Pocket - Later meets Pip in London and becomes his best friend ( age 20 years )

*Jaggers - a powerful, foreboding criminal lawyer who is responsible for the handling of Pip's wealth

Startop - friend of Pip and Herbert, Helps them with Magwitch's escape.

Molly - Jagger's housekeeper and in the past one of his clients.   Estella's real mother

* readings at the auditions will be based on these characters

The ages suggested are not carved in stone and the cast should cover the gamut of age ranges.

This is an epic play that needs a committed cast capable of switching in and out of roles, addressing the audience face to face and using the main stage as it was intended, boldly and with conviction.

An exciting prospect!

For further information please contact me on

I look forward to meeting you.

Alan K. Marshall

Please Note

While auditions are intended for members, non-members are welcome to attend on the understanding that, if successful in reading for a part, you would be expected to become a member of the theatre.  This entitles you to take part in all theatre activities and to concessionary ticket prices.  In return you will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances and to undertake your required allocation of front of house duties.  Your membership subscription must be paid by the end of the second rehearsal.  Membership fees for a year are £60 (£30 if unwaged).  More details on Crescent Membership can be found in the membership pages.

The Familiarisation Reading is not an audition but an opportunity to find out more about the play, the characters and the director's ideas for the production.  If you are unfamiliar with the play, try to come to this to see if you would be interested in reading for a part at the audition.

Unless stated otherwise, the venue for all readings and auditions is The Crescent Theatre.

Directors: If you wish to submit items for inclusion on this page please e-mail them to  Please make sure that you have arranged all room bookings before submission and indicate that you are happy to have e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers included on the web page.

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