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Non-members are welcome but please read the note at the bottom of this page.

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Cyrano de Bergerac

First performed in 1897 Edmond Rostand’s “heroic comedy” erupted onto the French stage to huge acclaim.   Written in five acts  and in rhyming couplets, the play embellishes on the life of the historical seventeenth century poet making him a great wit, brave warrior in the fight against the hated Spanish and a noble spirited lover who sacrifices his own happiness for that of his beloved Roxane.

Rostand also gifted Cyrano the enormous nose that is probably the only reason most people know of him.

Requiring enormous scenic resources and a cast that would make Cecil B. DeMille green with envy.  Few theatres can afford to perform it in its original form, even in France.

Enter Glyn Maxwell!   Hoorah!

His adaptation, first performed during the summer season of the Chester Performs Festival in the Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre, requires a cast of just twelve.   Loads of doubling, trebling and more.

The original being biassed toward male actors, the ladies of the cast only register as mobile, occasionally noisy, scenery in lovely frocks.   Glyn Maxwell’s adaptation redresses the balance beautifully and wittily (Hoorah!) with a troupe of all-singing-all-dancing nuns who begin by setting the scene and then take on as many roles, male and female, as is possible.   Even d’Artagnan gets a look in.

It is a perfect adaptation for the Studio and the tour with wonderful opportunities for audience participation and really good fun.

Although at times almost bordering on pantomime there are wonderful moments that are genuinely touching.

The cast is as follows:







MOTHER MARGARET (playing Duenna, Cuigy, Carbonne)

SISTER CLAIRE (playing Ligniere, Montfleury, Musketeer, 1st Cadet)

SISTER TERESA  (playing Thief, Valvert, Lise, Clomire, 3rd Cadet)

SISTER MARTHA  (playing Busybody, Gremione, 1st Poet, 2nd Cadet)

SISTER AGNES  (playing Brisaille, 2nd Poet, Priest, Sentinel)

SISTER ROSA (playing Orange-Girl, 3rd Poet, 4th Cadet)

Because of the range of characters for the women I will base all of their auditions on the role of Roxane.

Copies of the audition pieces will be made available at the auditions.

Familiarisation and Audition Dates:  

Sunday 26th April 2.00pm
Tuesday 28th April 7.00pm

Performance dates (Studio):   

Saturday 4th July  to Saturday 11th July at 7.45 pm
Matinees:    Sunday 5th July at 2.45pm
Saturday 11th July t 2.45pm
No performance Monday 6th July

Tour dates:

Wednesday 15th July 700pm (St Nicholas Place)
Thursday 16th July 7.00pm (St. Nicholas Place)

Saturday 18th July 3.00pm (Castle Bromwich Gardens)
Sunday 19th July 3.00pm (Castle Bromwich Gardens)

Tuesday 21st July 7.00pm (Selly Manor)
Wednesday 22nd July 7.00pm (Selly Manor)
Thursday 23rd July 7.00pm (Selly Manor)

Saturday 25th July 7.00pm (Harvington Hall)
Sunday 26th July 3.00pm  (Harvington Hall)

Please bring your diaries to the auditions so that you can let us know your availability for rehearsals.

I am really looking forward to working on this play.   It will be hard work but great fun.

I also look forward to seeing you at the auditions.

Alan K. Marshall

p.s. there probably won’t be nuns.

Please Note

While auditions are intended for members, non-members are welcome to attend on the understanding that, if successful in reading for a part, you would be expected to become a member of the theatre.  This entitles you to take part in all theatre activities and to concessionary ticket prices.  In return you will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances and to undertake your required allocation of front of house duties.  Your membership subscription must be paid by the end of the second rehearsal.  Membership fees for a year are £60 (£30 if unwaged).  More details on Crescent Membership can be found in the membership pages.

The Familiarisation Reading is not an audition but an opportunity to find out more about the play, the characters and the director's ideas for the production.  If you are unfamiliar with the play, try to come to this to see if you would be interested in reading for a part at the audition.

Unless stated otherwise, the venue for all readings and auditions is The Crescent Theatre.

Directors: If you wish to submit items for inclusion on this page please e-mail them to  Please make sure that you have arranged all room bookings before submission and indicate that you are happy to have e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers included on the web page.

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