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Non-members are welcome but please read the note at the bottom of this page.

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Taking Sides (Please note change of audition date to Tue 18th)

By Ronald Harwood

Auditions for Taking Sides will take place in the Rehearsal Room on Sunday 16th November at 10.00am and Tuesday 18th November at 7.30pm (not Monday 17th as previously shown). These will be preceded by a brief familiarisation.

Performances take place between Saturday 17th to Saturday 24th January 2015 at 7.45pm with a 2.45pm matinee performance on Sunday 18th January, no performance on Monday 19th January and matinee and evening performances on Saturday 24th January 2015.

By the writer of The Dresser, Quartet and Another Time, Ronald Harwood's piece was described in the Sunday Times" as:

"A brave, wise and deeply moving play about the fatal confrontation between culture and power, between art and politics, between irresponsible freedom and compromise. A gripping moral challenge in a cocksure and self-seeking age."

Set in post war Berlin it deals with denatzification of the eminent, highly cultured German conductor, Wilhelm Furtwangler by the brutish and determined Major Steve Arnold.

Convinced that the real life Furtwangler was heavily involved with Hitler and his government, the totally uncultured Arnold will use any device at his disposal to break his nemesis.

Over several months during which Arnold interrogates not only Furtwangler but also those who knew him, unable to work, the conductor is berated, accused and humiliated by the Major.

But which of them is telling the truth?

The play began its life at the Chichester Festival with further productions in London and New York and was filmed with Harvey Keitel as the Major.

The dialogue of the play bristles with humour, anger and outrage offering wonderful opportunities to its cast.

The cast is as follows:

Major Steven Arnold American officer, any age between 35 and 50
Emmi Straube German, in her early 20s, pale almost nondescript
Helmuth Rode German, during the war years second violin in the Berlin Philharmonic now destitute, late forties
Lieutenant David Wills. American, 24, a music lover, captivated by Furtwangler and horrified by Arnold's tactics
Tamara Sachs German, 32, but looking older, her experiences have taken their toll. She has one highly charged and vital scene in Act One
Wilhelm Furtwrangler 60, initially arrogant and remote, probably the greatest conductor of his generation, especially of the German repertoire

Although the script gives huge weight to the roles of Arnold and Furtwangler this is vitally, an ensemble piece. There are no small parts.

Alan Marshall, Director

Audition pieces


David and Arnold




Arnold and Emmi

The Tempest

by William Shakespeare


Sat 22nd Nov 14.00 Rehearsal Room
Sun 23rd Nov 11.00 Bar/Green Room (meet in the bar)

Rehearsals start 7th Dec (there will be a break for Christmas and New Year).

Production dates 28th Feb-14th March 2015.

Shakespeare's late, great play about forgiveness, generosity and enlightenment is both poignant and very funny. If you're intending to audition, you need to have read the play so I won't summarise the plot here.

I'm hoping to create a dynamic ensemble production which will make the text accessible to  everyone, including a schools' audience from age 11 upwards. Anyone cast will have lots to do as many of the characters will double up to create the spirits of the island (and the crew of the ship) at various points.

I am open to cross-casting those roles indicated as m/f below and I have indicated very approximate playing ages for each role but what I'm really interested in is people who can deliver Shakespeare's verse with passion and meaning, who can bring the play's wonderful characters to life, and who can tell the story so that the audience really cares about it. If you think that's you, please come along.

Ariel - m/f, a spirit enslaved to Prospero, reasonable singing ability required (18 - ?)
Prospero - m/f, the exiled Duke of Milan, intent on avenging those who have wronged him (45 - 105)
Miranda - f, Prospero's daughter (18 - 25)
Caliban - m, a native of the island who has been enslaved by Prospero (18 - 50)
Ferdinand - m, the son of Alonso and Prince of Naples (18-25)
Alonso - m/f, the King of Naples, complicit in Prospero's overthrow (45-70)
Adrian - m/f, a lord and member of the royal party (20 - 50)
Gonzalo - m, an elderly, kind and loyal lord of Milan (60 - 100)
Sebastian - m/f, Alonso's brother, not to be trusted (25 - 50)
Antonio - m/f, Prospero's brother who usurped him (30 - 70)
Stephano - m/f, a drunken butler (30 - 65)
Trinculo - m/f, a jester (18 - 65)

Please arrive at the start of the audition. There will be a brief familiarisation at the start of each one.

I will be asking people to work in small groups on Act 1, Scene 1 of the play first. Audition pieces for Prospero, Miranda, Ferdinand and Ariel will be taken from Act 1, Scene 2; for Alonso, Gonzalo, Sebastian, Antonio and Adrian from Act 2, Scene 1; for Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano from Act 2, Scene 2. Please familiarise yourself with the scene/s for the character/s you wish to read for in advance of the audition.

If you would like to audition but are unable to make the dates, or if you have any questions, please drop me an e-mail .

Liz Plumpton

Please Note

While auditions are intended for members, non-members are welcome to attend on the understanding that, if successful in reading for a part, you would be expected to become a member of the theatre.  This entitles you to take part in all theatre activities and to concessionary ticket prices.  In return you will be expected to attend all rehearsals and performances and to undertake your required allocation of front of house duties.  Your membership subscription must be paid by the end of the second rehearsal.  Membership fees for a year are £60 (£30 if unwaged).  More details on Crescent Membership can be found in the membership pages.

The Familiarisation Reading is not an audition but an opportunity to find out more about the play, the characters and the director's ideas for the production.  If you are unfamiliar with the play, try to come to this to see if you would be interested in reading for a part at the audition.

Unless stated otherwise, the venue for all readings and auditions is The Crescent Theatre.

Directors: If you wish to submit items for inclusion on this page please e-mail them to  Please make sure that you have arranged all room bookings before submission and indicate that you are happy to have e-mail addresses and/or telephone numbers included on the web page.

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